Diffusion MRI of

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a public health problem of immense magnitude and importance that is endemic among many communities (veterans, athletes). There is a critical and immediate need for imaging biomarkers of TBI to support diagnosis and therapy and to predict its consequences while avoiding further injury. Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has potential to become the non-invasive tool of choice for TBI structural assessment. Despite its potential, realizing the benefits of diffusion MRI in TBI requires a base of evidence for decision making that can only be achieved with multiorganizational coordination and planning.

The purpose of this project is to synthesize a roadmap for diffusion MR imaging in traumatic brain injury that can advance the field and deliver the benefits most effectively in the shortest period of time. Essential infrastructure will be designed and tested to support implementation of the roadmap.  After formulating a roadmap, this community will establish collaborations, define, test and disseminate standards, and, using these standards, begin work to provide these services for injured patients.

Scientific Goals and Impacts

The goals of this project are to assess state-of-the-art practice in terms of brain traumatic injury imaging research and to propose specific recommendations regarding:

  1. the standardization of diffusion imaging techniques,
  2. the validation of the accuracy and clinical utility of imaging markers of the white matter injury,
  3. the validation of imaging biomarkers relevant to clinical outcomes, and
  4. the creation of a central repository to achieve these goals.